This is our background. An undivided leader who guides us through the entire sector in which we move.


Each project is an individual work that we create together with our client. Sometimes also with his associates, life partners, children or dogs :) We are not afraid of challenges.

Our architectural services are located within the residential, hotel, office and commercial sectors. However, we are always ready for new challenges and open to new horizons - if you have an idea for something interesting - come to us and let's create it together!


it is about understanding the needs of the client and user so as to optimize the possibilities offered by a given place, without imposing one's own vision, but perceiving it together. We are fully flexible, regardless of the size of the project, we are always able to choose the right path to achieve the goal.

As architects and PMs, we focus on the functionality of the project, aesthetic values ​​and the selection of appropriate technological and material solutions.

Working in a historic environment is not a problem for us, we find ourselves in the historical realities and create a harmonious space with them. We place emphasis on creating new in old so that they create a fascinating combination.




is a detailed analysis, control, including possible verification of the assumed budget and schedule, determining both weaknesses, strengths and risks that we precisely define.

We get acquainted with the details of the project, analyze all industries and try to discover every detail. We are looking for strengths and weaknesses, which we subject to subsequent analysis, allowing us to optimize timely, budget, material and technological solutions. Then we proceed to implementation and coordinate the investment at every stage. We also offer legal support in the construction of civil law contracts, because we know that "there are no bad orders and there are no bad clients. There are only bad contracts and ... no talent. The rest is a human factor."





Marta Żurek


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